Saturday, April 5, 2008

Paper Bag Dragon

It isn't easy for me to finish anything. I'll have to update the progress of the Purim puppets (obviously that show isn't going to sell this year) but in the mean time the Sugar Sand Park Puppet Fest has arrived. I wanted to do a tried and true paper finger puppet booth, but the park wanted a Big Parade Puppet to tie into the Far East - Far Out theme. So I created a template to make a Dragon Head out of poster board and mounted it on 3' pvc pipe. The project is to trace the pattern, cut out the parts, color, assemble, decorate and mount on the pipe. The expectation is about 100 puppets.
Then today, a week before the event I had another idea. I hope I can include it in the festival this time because I like it better than the dragon on a stick and I think it will cost less. It's based on a paper bag costume. Cut the holes for the arms and eyes (so you can see where you are going) and tape on the dragon parts. The jaw opens and closes. I used 2 straws taped to the lower jaw and a brass brad for a hinge point.
Here are some pictures:

2008-04-05 Dragon Mask - Costume - Puppet

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