Monday, February 18, 2008

Purim Puppet Progress

The rods have been inserted and glued.
King A's goblet is made from a soda bottle, more egg shapes, a fruit cup and a plastic container. Nylon rope creates a lip around the top and accents to cover some of the joints.
Esther is pretty much the same.
Mordecai has more bulk. Do you think he needs some ears? He'll be finished with a beard and a Jewish Star centered in the blue disk where his mouth should be.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Mordecai, Esther and Haman

Mordecai Esther and Haman
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In this picture Utensil Town denizens, Mordecai Mezzuza, Esther CandleStick and Harry Egg Beater are getting ready to become Purim Rod puppets.

Mordecai is a cardboard box with some egg shapes and cheap ball and cage toys.
Esther is made from egg shapes and cat food containers.
They'll be covered with paper machie and painted. An inner rod will support the structure. Cord or rod arms to be added.

Haman is an egg beater with air dry face. When he gestures with his beater arm, his beaters will whirl around.

King A is going to be a golden goblet. Assorted cutlery will be used for other, minor characters. I'm still cutting the story so I don't have the full cast list yet.

Performance this March, so I'd better hurry.

Esther and Mordecai

Esther and Mordecai
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I'm building a Purim show this year.